The “Mediation Friendly” Attorney

Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns

I have often heard mediators say that they recommend that their clients each see a “mediation friendly” attorney for legal advice either during or after the mediation process. But I do not believe that sending them off to separate attorneys is a good idea, regardless of whether or not the attorney is “mediation friendly.”

Isn’t it the role of an attorney to advocate for his or her client? Does that mean that a “mediation friendly” attorney would not? And if not, what then is his or her role? Learn Dan’s views by reading the rest of his article.

Mediation v. litigation

Rachel Fishman Green

Rachel Fishman Green

I was called in for a court-ordered mediation for a post-divorce couple, about to have a trial.  Mother requested a custody change.

This couple is very wealthy – a walking advertisement for the idea that having a lot of money is a disadvantage when you’re getting divorced.  (Because you can get sucked into litigation.) They have been embroiled in litigation for 7 years, and have spent more than $500,000 in legal fees.

Read the rest of Rachel’s article to learn how mediation was able to help this couple overcome feelings of entitlement, unrealistic expectations and the urge to fight so that they could resolve their issues.

A Marriage Myth: Marriage is Obsolete

Renee LaPoint

Renee LaPoint

It may seem that marriage rates in America are down and more people are opting to live together rather than get married. But, things are not always as they appear.

People are delaying marriage longer than ever (average age at first marriage is now about 27 for women and 29 for men), so, it might seem that the institution is on the way out. But marriage is still important to young people and is now a real option for same sex couples as well.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health found that 55 percent of women and 47 percent of men said marriage was a “very important” part of their life plans. Another 29 percent of women and 35 percent of men said it was “somewhat important.”

Learn more about marriage trends by reading the rest of Renee’s article.

Keys to Happiness After Divorce

Dolly Hinckley

Dolly Hinckley

Is your life all you want it to be?  Are you living the life you would like? How can you get more out of life? Perhaps one of these hints would work for you.

Relate to people. Share friendly relationships. Be interested, really interested, in other people. Talk about them, not yourself. Be a good friend. Make time to be with your family and loved ones.

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Give yourself the same rights and privileges that you would give to others. Pat yourself on the back at every opportunity. Do not scold or berate yourself when you spill that milk. Do those things that make you feel good about yourself. Love yourself as you are now.

Read the rest of Dolly’s article for more ideas on how to have happiness after divorce.


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The Best Interest of the Pet: Custody of the Pet is Real!

Deborah Hope Wayne

Deborah Hope Wayne

It happens all the time: a couple starts getting serious and may start making major purchases together. For some couples it may be furniture or a car, but many couples also choose to purchase or adopt a pet. While the relationship is going smoothly, everything is fine; but what happens when the couple breaks up? A big problem that arises in a breakup or divorce is where the pet will go.

According to recent stories in the news, custody cases involving pets are on the rise in the United States. You might know of someone who went through this issue after a breakup – the former couple ends up disagreeing on whom the pet actually belongs to and who should get to keep it.

Read the rest of Deborah’s article to learn how you can prevent hostile and potentially costly disagreements over pets in the event of a breakup.