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Upstate Mini-Conference September 19, 2015

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Members Spotlight

Clare Piro on LookTV News.

Clare Piro on LookTV

Watch NYSCDM President Clare Piro explain divorce mediation and its benefits during her recent interview with Jesse Jackson … [Continue...]

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Bobbie Dillon

Grieving and Divorce: The normal ways couples process the end of a marriage

According to the Holmes and Rahe Life Events Scale divorce is second only to death as the most stressful life event a person can experience. Yet each person experiences the loss of their marriage differently. The length of the marriage, the strength of feelings one partner has toward the other, the … [Continue..]

Daniel Burns

Divorce & Debt

Many people are under the impression that they are responsible for the debts of their spouse simply because they are married. But, - Getting married does not necessarily make you responsible for your spouse’s debts; - Getting divorced does not necessarily release you from debts incurred while … [Continue..]

Barbara Kimbrough

Friends and Your Divorce

The difficult time of separation or divorce is emotionally and sometimes financially stressful. Unless you’ve been through it before, you are sailing uncharted waters. During this time, having a good support system is very important. You may need your friends more than ever. That said, for any of … [Continue..]

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